Urban Spring



April 2014

Letter from the Editor

As we move beyond the cold of winter and edge ever-closer toward the heat of summer, we currently find ourselves in a brief moment of respite. The sun is gentle, the breeze is comforting, and the outside world is beginning to bloom.

We saw this as an opportunity for rediscovery.

With the team in tow, we found ourselves trekking all over downtown Dallas — from rooftops to the Municipal Court to the Farmer’s Market — uncovering amazing places that are so often forgotten.

This month’s collection is for that person — the urban explorer — the man who wants to equip himself with versatile, attractive, and timeless clothing, whilst walking through the brisk morning air of his city.

Photography was deftly handled by JerSean Golatt with assistance from Richard Ross. Modeling duty was shared between Nick Clark, proprietor of Common Desk, and Matthew Miller, producer for Slice Media.

Matt Alexander, Founder


Truman Regular (13.75 Oz.)

Noble Denim

In our constant search for the finest denim available, we recently stumbled across the handmade, small batch, and beautifully-constructed world of Noble Denim.

Made in the USA with 13.75 ounce Cone Mills White Oak Selvedge denim, organic cotton, American & Efird thread, and Amish-branded Wickett & Craig leather patchwork, the Truman is one of the most storied products we could ever hope to offer.

Built with a mid-rise, modern slim fit — with enough room through the thigh and a slight taper from the knee downward — the Truman looks and fits strikingly well. From the buttons to the subtle, personal touches of stitching, you’ll receive near-constant praise and compliments from your peers.

The Truman is true to size (i.e., a 32 inch waist will measure precisely 32 inches), so, when ordering, you may consider a size up. All lengths are set at the average of 34 inches, thereby allowing you to cuff and show off the selvedge seam or tailor as necessary.


Slim Sun-Washed Chino

General Assembly

When dividing your time between the office and the outdoors, a gentleman cannot go wrong with a traditional pair of chinos. A gentleman can, however, go very far wrong with the wrong pair of chinos.

Fortunately, we’ve hunted down some of the finest, slim-fitting navy chinos available. With them, you’ll be well-equipped to blur the lines between semi-formal at the office and casually-comfortable on your walk home in the evening dusk.

The chinos are lightweight, 100% cotton, and sport a beautiful deep navy.

Paired with loafers and no socks, an untucked shirt, and, dare we say, a Chambray Scarf, you’ll look the part regardless of the environment.



Stonestreet Jacket

Bridge & Burn

When venturing out into the Spring air, the most important item you could possibly have with you is a lightweight, versatile jacket.

Whether it’s blustering with wind, lashing with rain, or, somewhat less dramatically, simply rather brisk, you will not go wrong with a stylish, attractive, and striking jacket to carry you effortlessly from one place to another.

Upon discovering Bridge & Burn’s Stonestreet jacket, we knew we’d found the best available — satisfying all of these stipulations — for this time of year.

Sporting a navy exterior with contrasting blue accents, the Stonestreet is riddled with wonderful touches of personality and utility. From the hand openings at the waist to the wealth of pockets and storage, the Stonestreet will deftly protect your valuables from the elements. (Or, if there are no elements, they’ll just be stored very nicely, indeed.)

The red-striped interior brings the whole equation to completion and looks simply fantastic. It’s one of the finest jackets we’ve ever come across and we’re honored to share it with you this month.



Dime Pocket Oxford

General Assembly

The venerable Oxford shirt is a well-deserved staple of a great many male wardrobes today. It’s an obvious, tried and true design befitting all manner of men in all manner of situations.

And yet, for all of its obviousness, it remains ripe for subtle tweaks here and there to make it a more modern, stylish statement piece.

In that light, we’ve found the Dime Pocket Oxford shirt from General Assembly. Sporting a classic blue, contrasting buttons, and a 100% cotton fabric, the shirt is immediately a great option.

The differentiator, though, is the white-lined breast pocket. The touch is small, but it makes for a remarkably modern and transformative aesthetic for this staple of men’s style.

Coupled with jeans or chinos — work or play — the Dime Pocket Oxford is a fantastic option for the man seeking a versatile, Spring-infused shirt for the coming months.



Chambray Scarf

Realm & Empire

Scarves are often subject to an unfair amount of judgment from men in the U.S. For whatever reason, they’re frequently perceived as cutting away at the so-called “manliness” of an outfit.

Well, we’re here to state emphatically that scarves — when worn appropriately — can be one of the finest touches a man can choose to incorporate into his day.

In this instance, we offer a chambray scarf from Realm & Empire. The brand — for those who are unaware — takes its inspiration from “deeply rich and evocative British history and culture” by pulling from the sartorial stylings of the first and second World Wars.

Visiting with the Imperial War Museum, Realm & Empire has secured access to the entirety of the museum’s archives and has created some of the most timeless, rugged, and storied pieces of clothing available to men today.

The chambray scarf, made from 100% cotton, is certainly no exception. It’s soft, complimentary, and lightweight for the warmer months. And, most importantly, it’ll add that much boldness and sophistication to your presentation.


Windsor Mid-calf Sock

hook + ALBERT

Red polka dot socks.

That’s all you really need to know. Really, though. Look at them. They’re fantastic. You want them.

Still, we’ll provide even more incentive.

Designed by the exceptionally talented folks at hook + ALBERT, the Windsor Mid-calf is a well-made, high-quality, and extremely well-considered sock.

Made with Peruvian pima cotton, the socks are both breathable and resilient, whilst also boasting increased stretch at the calf to ensure they stay up on your legs.

Worn beneath selvedge denim as you traverse the urban streets around you, the Windsor’ll add just the right amount of pop and personality to virtually any outfit.



Lightning Confetti Collective Cable

Eastern Collective

Several weeks ago, looking around WELD, we were struck by the uniform landscape of white lightning cables extending from laptops around the room.

They’re important. They’re useful. They’re not unattractive. But, regardless, they’re also fairly boring.

Combatting the boredom, we sought to find a more resilient, personal, and conversation-worthy alternative to the Plain White Cable™. And, fortunately for all of us, we found Eastern Collective’s fantastic Confetti Collective cable.

Fully-licensed by Apple and compatible with all of the current crop of iOS devices, the Confetti Collective cable is a fantastic addition to any mobile setup. Whether you’re looking for a cable that won’t tear with repeated use or a simple aesthetic differentiation from all others in the room, the Confetti Cable is an affordable, useful, and accessible option.

We’ve been using ours for a matter of days around the city and have unfailingly found ourselves in conversation with like-minded people. We know you’ll have the same good fortune.


Original Notebook

Field Notes

The original Field Notes notebook is unimpeachable on a great many levels.

Whether from a perspective of design, utility, or cost, there is simply not a downside to keeping one of these rugged, minimalistic notebooks with you at all times.

Before you ask the inevitable “Why carry a paper notebook?” we have a pre-emptive response courtesy of Field Notes: “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”

In other words, whilst exploring your city on a beautiful, brisk morning, keep your phone firmly in your pocket and allow yourself to commit your thoughts to the tangible realm of your Field Notes notebook. In this pack, we’ve included all different paper types — plain, grid, and lined — to ensure versatility, too.

It’s a sturdy, reliable, and important means for catharsis, reflection, and dreaming. Without the original Field Notes notebook, Need, for instance, would not exist.

Commit your next big idea to paper. Don’t let it pass you by.



Cereal No. 5


What can we say that has not already been said about Cereal?

In January, we wrote of Cereal that it is “one of the most fascinating, surprising, and wonderful magazines we've discovered — an inclusive, sturdy, and incredibly well-designed piece of art.”

And those are words we utterly and unwaveringly endorse once again this month.

We’re honored to bring you Cereal No. 5. Featuring a broad spectrum of writing and photography ranging from the architecture of Helsinki and the innate beauty of honey to the best and most dignified apparel for travelers, No. 5 is an exquisite iteration of our favorite publication.

If you’re looking for an infusion of dignified, well-considered, and exceptionally well-made literature into your Spring-time moments of rest, look no further than Cereal.


Man of the World No. 7

Man of the World

When we introduced Man of the World in January, we received a deluge of tweets, emails, and responses regarding the magazine. In retrospect, it’s probably our most popular and most discussed product in our short history.

And, truly, the attention paid toward the publication is well-deserved.

Man of the World is an experientially powerful publication to behold. From the weight and heft of the paper to the intricacies of the photography, we’ve yet to see someone unmoved by its strength.

This month, we’re proud to offer three covers for Man of the World No. 7: Jake Gyllenhaal, Scott Eastwood, and a limited Bruce Weber edition.

If it’s not obvious, the over-arching theme is Hollywood — looking at two men fighting to make a name for themselves — whilst also diverging into the realms of hoteliers, motorcycle clubs, cabins, and legendary photographers.

The magazine exudes quality and will reflect well upon you. Add one to your coffee table.


Vol 4 / February 2014